How to contribute

Theopopedia encourages scholars to e-mail us with requests for submissions. You can either consult our list of topics of interest or make your own proposal: you may wish to add a contribution dealing with an aspect of the history of a concept that has already been developed in Theopopedia, or to propose a completely new entry which you believe to be relevant to the history of “political theology” (read more about the Theopopedia project and about the required structure of entries).

In your request, please provide:

  • your CV and university affiliation
  • the abstract of the proposed article
  • a realistic completion date

Should your request be approved, please consult the guidelines for authors. Authors should submit their documents both in Word and PDF format. Images should be emailed as separate attachments in .jpg or .gif format.

How publication decisions are made

When we get the full article, we send it to be blind reviewed by academic specialists (see our statement of scholarly standards), who will advise either:

  • acceptance in current form
  • acceptance contingent on some revisions
  • rejection
Revising an article after its publication

When necessary, authors may further revise their articles after publications. However, previous versions of revised articles will be archived on the website, in order to allow scholarly citation by making the original content verifiable at any time.