Date:December 20, 2017

The Money God. Towards a theologico-political history of money /10

Il Dio denaro. Per una storia teologico-politica della moneta /10

18-19 January 2018

The seminar will offer a historical cross-disciplinary analysis of the concept of money, from ancient civilizations to the contemporary era, through investigations into the history of economics, political institutions, the three monotheistic religions and – more generally – of philosophy. Special attention will be paid to the intertwining of the political and the theological in these areas. The collaboration of scholars from different disciplines will shed light on an institution that plays a key role in human societies, and on the diverse exchanges that give them life, and will lead to critical readings of the contemporary transformations that the institution of money is undergoing.

Speakers: Michele Nicoletti, Gian Luigi Prato, Paola Radici Colace, Jean-Marie Salamito,  Javier Castano, Clément Lenoble, Paolo Evangelisti, Arianna D’Ottone, Wim Decock, Daniel Carey, Maria Grazia Turri, Anna Carabelli, Alfredo Gigliobianco

Participants: Guido Boffi, Omar Brino, Bruno Callegher, Tiziana Faitini, Carlo Fantappiè, Riccardo Finozzi, Massimo Giuliani, Gianni Toniolo, Silvano Zucal

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