The Society of Humankind /11

La società del genere umano /11

3-4 June 2019

The seminar will offer a historical cross-disciplinary analysis of the conceptualizations of the belonging to humankind, from ancient civilizations to the contemporary era. Special attention will be paid to the intertwining of the political and the theological in these areas, and to the implications these conceptualizations have on the political international order. The collaboration of scholars from different disciplines will shed light on conceptualizations that play a key role in defining the ground for international law and political and civil rights, and will provide food for thought facing contemporary challenges.

If you want to take part in the seminar or want your contribution to be considered for publication in Politica e religione, contact us.

Speakers: Gian Luigi Prato, Francesca Alesse, Marco Rizzi, Pejman Abdolmohammadi, Irene Zavattero, Fabrizio Meroi, Franco Todescan, Omar Brino, Francesco Ghia, Nathan Alexander, Michele Nicoletti, , Massimo Giuliani, Massimiliano De Villa, Mauro Nobile, Luca Scuccimarra, Guido Boffi, Giovanna Covi

Participants: Tiziana Faitini, Dante Fedele, Marta Ferronato, Lucia Galvagni, Umberto Lodovici, Milena Mariani, Alessandro Palazzo, Debora Tonelli, Silvano Zucal

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